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About Us


Who are we?

Here at Kahvie, we pride ourselves on serving specialty, third wave coffee. Our unique menu is inspired by styles of coffee found all over the world. Traditional Italian espresso is our foundation with an addition of Australian, English and Cuban accents. Our goal is to inspire and cultivate a love of coffee in our community while promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle.


For us, quality is of utmost importance, and we strive to inspire by providing the best and most consistent products to you, our customers. All while cultivating a healthy lifestyle and creating a space of welcoming community where you feel uplifted, fueled to perform your best, and completely at home. 


 Where are we?

We are located inside of newly renovated Vie Management buildings Vie Towers and Vie Lofts, which are off and on campus communities for any student, post graduate and young professional.


Kahvie is closely affiliate with Vie, so with residents in mind, we are happy to provide a discount to all Vie residents at all of our cafes. This makes living at Vie an easy choice. Everything you need is only steps away!

Learn more about living at one of Vie's locations here.

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